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all hail the queen

            “I’m sure you would manage,” Lina replied dryly. “Besides, you might not have to do anything if those two fools have anything to say about it.”

            “What’s that supposed to mean?”

            Curse that mischievous gleam I saw creeping into her eyes! “Oh don’t be absurd!” I snapped.

            “Betraying so utterly his sister’s good graces—”

            “—well, he’s just brainless—”

            “—and the testy one; he seems quite taken—”

            “—he already told me he’ll never forget Kiraya died for us! Besides, he barely tolerates me.”

            She shrugged mildly as if in mock surrender, casting Alatriaar and changing us both into our aliases with a gold-tinged twist of her hand. “Stay Lyeva then,” she said. “For Will’s sake.”

            I crossed my arms, feeling explosive. “You’re incorrigible.”

            “Yet not incorrect,” she said with a smile, opening the door and ushering me outside. “After you, my lady.”


in the terminal bookstore

magazines lined up to view

is this how i close my chapter

begin and ending at gate two?

they called me prodigal girl

they called me prodigal girl

wired wings lying in shatters

you and me before the frame

i could stand here for a lifetime

just to not forget your name

and call you prodigal girl

and call you prodigal girl

and no matter what the clocks say

or how much faith i have above

my heart will still be breaking

into the shapes of those i love

and no matter if you miss me

i still can’t help but fear

that your heart’s one shape less broken

even without me near

even without me near

so call me prodigal girl

call me prodigal girl

when we were prodigal girls.

wrong words

i keep one headphone tilted left, keep

one ear open

because i find myself still waiting

for your knock

on my door.


“I must say, my brain is quite fooled to see you as my sister,” Lyal said, sidling alongside me with his mottled gray horse snickering at him. “It fills me with such a mixture of joy, sadness, and regret that I find I cannot express!”

“He means you looked better before,” Kalen replied thinly, looking particularly sour in a simple tunic emblazoned with the shield of Saerfen: a golden star upon a stylized book.

“Oho, my clever manservant, such is not my intention at all!” Lyal replied rather quickly, flashing me his smile that blinded me like the FluoroBrites that lined the walls of Libera 52. “I only mean to convey my regret over the fact that I cannot behold Lady Solmacia without betraying utterly the good graces of my sister.”

“The struggle surely pierces the heart quite utterly,” Kalen muttered.

“And it surely pierces me to interrupt this fascinating discourse,” Lina said rather measuredly, “but unless my far-superior vision is mistaken, it would seem to me that the city is at hand.”


One of These Days - Original Song by Caitlin Pequignot

Violin/Vocals: Caitlin

Uke/Vocals: Madeleine

Thanks to Madeleine for making this song complete! <3


snow day—by me

white, like the weight of the snow
i reckon you know
how i long for the sun to bring light to the wind and the gray
how i long to be with you close on this snow day

it’s a mystery to me
why we can’t have what we need
but they say even snowflakes are infinite in their own way
still i pray we’d as infinite stay on this snow day

bury me gently, freeze me down
tell me there’s more to the sky and the ground
carry me home, carry me home

white like the weight of the snow
you can bet that i know
how you long for the sun to bring light to the sighs on your face
how you long to be with me close on this snow day

newsfeed explosion


violin loop/vocal cover

beautiful things, orig. by gungor

by me, caitlin pequignot (anchorage)


equipment: boss rc-30 loop pedal, blue microphones yeti, audiotechnica at-50s, the band violin pickup, logic studio, and a really old violin.